Spark of Love

For 2020, your generous donations of over $5,000 allowed HBFOF to purchase over 400 toys and games for children in need this season. We are so grateful that you helped us support the HBFD, ABC7, and Southern California Firefighters in celebrating the 28th Anniversary of the Spark of Love Toy Drive. Thank you to everyone who contributed!


For 2019, you generous donations allowed HBFOF to help celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Spark of Love Toy Drive by providing over 250 toys for children of all ages. We so appreciate your support!

Brightwater Check Presentation

This video shows representatives from the Brightwater Community, HB Fire Department, and HBFOF as a check for $4,000 was presented to HBFOF at the site of the command post used for the July 2020 Bolsa Chica wetlands fire. The donation was used to purchase particulate hoods for HB fire fighters.

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