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2020 Spark of Love Toy Drive

With your generous donations of over $5,000, HBFOF was able to purchase over 400 toys and games for children in need this season. We are so grateful that you helped us support the HBFD, ABC7, and Southern California Firefighters in celebrating the 28th Anniversary of the Spark of Love Toy Drive. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Brightwater Donation and Particulate Hoods

After a 2020 fire in the Huntington Beach wetlands that threatened the Brightwater community, the residents there collected $4,000 to say 'thank you' to the HB fire fighters who saved their community. They donated that money to the HBFOF and we were able to work with HB Fire to purchase new particulate hoods for the HB fire fighters. The picture to the left shows a firefighter wearing a particulate hood.

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